Alahola – Nduano


One of the things that sucks about not living in Kenya anymore is that sheng just passes you. I think my sheng is so ancient these days and it gets worse by the day when I don’t have anyone to talk to in sheng. Last week a guy called me a babi and I was almost offended – but then realised I had no come back. I think I just responded back with “matako or makende” either or.

My displacement with Kenya is more evident on this track. Honestly what’s “Nduano”? Mi hulike kurusha Nduano? Nikiwa Mjini mi hulike Nduano? Kama kuna msee ananyita please hebu translate hio sheng mzeiya. Hio ime ni pita. This track is not new by any means. It dropped at the same time with Ocha (Alahola’s other hit). However Ocha was just a banger it over shadowed this jam. Clemo’s coastal instruments can be heard all over this joint which just makes it fresh.

listen to Nduano here:


download the track here:


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