Bwana Misosi Feat Jua Cali – Hauwezi Jua


I get tons of records from artists and producers and it sometimes takes sometime for me to sort through the tracks. This is one of those tracks I received like 2 months ago but I haven’t really had a chance to post.

This is the first time we are featuring Bongo artist Bwana Misosi on GetMziki.  Joseph Rushahu a.ka. Bwana Misosi is well known in East Africa and his former big hits include “Nitoke Vipi”, “Mabinti wa Ki-Tanga” “Heshima” and many more.  This is the first single on his third studio album. He released his first album “Nitoke Vipi” in 2004 and 2 years later released his second album “Kazi Yangu”that had anthems like the classic Walisema ft. Jose Chameleone, Misosi ft.Inspector Haroun and  Heshima ft. Redsun.

On this new single produced by Fishcrab Records super producer Lamar and featuring Jua Cali , they talk about how people would behave differently if they knew what the following day was going to turn out like. They talk about having positive attidues even if someone is having “bad” day. Is it only me but is Lamar producing 90% of the bongo anthems right now!!!

Keep on bringing the heat Lamar!!!


Listen to the track below:

Download the track Here (Right Click and Save As)


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