Alphabet & Mesh – My Potter (***GetMziki Exclusive)


I must admit, that the first time

I heard this track, I was instantly attached to it. Call it what you want but Gospel artists Alphabet & Mesh Mfalme are original and really refreshing as compared to everything else out there.

According to the record label “My Potter is the first music video done by the first artists signed to the tAMu Inc label. Alphabet & Mesh Mfalme are very talented and diverse artists as their music is very easy to relate to this is a must watch and must share tune”.
Video done by Ricky Bekko, while the audio was produced by Sappy and MG.

Congrats to the management team for taking the time and attaching a promotional image to go with the track. This helps a lot in terms of pushing the record. Great job on the video too!!!!

Watch the video below


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