Asante for being an Avid Music Enthusiast in 2009



We have been out of commission for a few weeks enjoying the holiday with family, friends and foes. Personally I’ve had mad family around me so its made it difficult to post anything or even stay on top of any details sent over. However the beauty of having a dependable team is knowing that someone somewhere is logging on and looking after the interested of the music enthusiast. Even as one of our contributors and owners (Louis Majanja) is travelling overseas in Bogota he still manages to get a few moments to upload a song or two. Recently he was in Colombia and mentioned that African music is thriving out there – he was sitting in a bar listening to Mbilia Mbel in Colombia!!!

DJ Dona got back from Kenya and all he had were smiles as he talked about the growing online community we command in East Africa. Its been a blessing to be able to serve the Kenya peeps, DJs and entertainers. With bandwidth costs getting better and internet slowly becoming accessible at homes and mobile phones we believe our future products will be well suited in the East African communities.

Initially i wanted to post a Top Ten GetMziki tracks of the year (which I think I probably will), however I settled for some face time for the crew that actually make this site work. Currently we are 3 main writers, 2 main contributors and about 5 regional music suppliers. As we grow we are developing better systems to update music, to store music, to supply and provide better experience to you guys. There have been recent complains of downloads, browser issues, broken links and other face-lift issues. I assure you we have heard each and every word said on email or text and these are things we are working on slowly. We also have had suggestions about broadening the scope of our music, we cant talk about African hiphop yet we dont really cover each and every African hit track – we hear you and we are working with all these regional DJs and promoters to ensure once we commit to covering other countries, we have a steady supply of music as we have with Tanzania and Kenya.

For today if you have already ushered in 2010 – we promise big things this year. A lot of things are going to change and we hope you will stick with us as we engage a much wider audience to promote African Urban music. We appreciate each and everyone of y’all. Asante na Kheri ya mwaka alfu mbili na kumi. //

ps. We’ve got some taarab coming this year 🙂


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