Brand New Music: AY feat P-Square – Freeze


I’ve talked about AY on this site over and over again so I will try not to get into it as much, other than the fact that those t-shirts seem to have been tupwad nyara nyara nyaya!!! coz every East African artists is flaunting one. First was Jua Cali, then Nonini, now AY and I have seen Mwana FA with one too.

AY has always been big on big collaborations, big songs, big hits, big things. He is sort of a visionary, he seeks the closest opportunity to become a bigger or better star. He has done collabos with almost any local Big East African artist you can think of… however to date my favorite song from AY has to be a Steve Jean produced Yule. All around that was just a hit song..

This new song called Freeze is no exception, A.Y teamed up with the biggest name in African hiphop/R&B right now – P-Squared. Coincidentally anyone hoping to book P-Square for a show in the US, you gotta wait till about April 2009. The guys are totally booked and rumor has it a show goes for about 10,000 USD (so much for the guys who were complaining about a 3,000USD Ali Kiba show). P-Square is the most sought after African pop group whom I think deserve every little bit of attention they get… I mean the brothers are good, multi talented, well packaged and most of all, they are very open and willing to work with the rest of Africa… Thats something you have to admire.

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Here is AY’s track with P-Square (personally I think the Klepto and Ulopa hands down smashes this song, but thats just my opinion)

listen to freeze here:


download the track here:


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