Brand New: Wyre – Over Protective


I am a firm believer of if they request it, give them what they want… Luckily this song has been on my HD for a while just chilling and I didn’t realize that it was worth another listen until someone requested it recently. This is another Ulopa track and I don’t want to seem like I am an advocate of Ulopa Ngoma, I don’t even know the guy – but I admire his work time and time again. I am not sure how this passed my “secretary” but its here … so enjoy the track… I’ll have DJ Franchize critic the track for now becuase I haven’t listened to it long enough to make any comments about it.

Therefore Roddy – today is your lucky day

Roddy: I was wondering whether someone could post the Song by Wyre called Overprotective, also produced by Ulopa. Been looking for it a while now Bless

listen to over protective here:


download the track here:


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