DJ Franchize Un-hooked Old Skool Dancehall Mix


image courtesy of GetMziki

Currently there is an overwhelming supply of mixes submitted by various DJs, I am trying my hardest best to balance the demand and supply.

That said there are mixes and then there are mixes. This here is a serious mix that Dj Franchize submitted that has touched my soul. Shabba, Diana King, Maxi Priest, Patra – I died… the only thing missing here was Snow (Informer). I listen to this mix daily, and I call it the uptown mix. The type of mix DJ Simple Simon or my DJ Mista Cee would throw out of their cars but the yappies will die for… ha ha ha Maybe we should call this the Odiero mix – I cant lie, I know every song on the Mix and thats probably my problem.

This is indeed the official Truly Thanksgiving mix, the reason I think this blend of songs is phenomenal is because you didn’t try to veer off into the Lovers rock or calypso – you kept it strictly uptown, commercial Dancehall, the songs are short but the blends are well timed and just make a good listen. A good taste of things to come… I also like the fact that you don’t have silly drops or artists and DJ drops every ten seconds. Between this mix and the Madness crew’s mix I think competition is thick.

I cant wait for Atlanta Franchize – a good taste of things to come // Asante … US Kenyan DJs are getting better and better each day, sooner than later we will stop importing DJs from Kenya 🙂

listen to the genius here:


download the mix here:


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