Bamboo – African Sh*t (Getmziki Throwback)


I like Bamboo, its obvious from the number of hits we have posted on this blog since its inception. Though I am not really feeling a lot of the new stuff coming out of Ken

ya right now that he is working on, I would love to believe there is a plan and that he is definitely scoping and checking things out.

To date as much as there is all this new talent in the region, I am still driven to think he could possibly be one of the greatest lyricist Kenya has seen or is yet to see. I say this mainly because he is one of the few people who can spit in English and Swahili with ease. Typically in Kenya we get either or, but not both.

Anyway today I post this as if to tell BAMBOO to take it back to the RAW BAMBOO that I love. Kill all these hype shit and good for TV or good for radio songs. TAKE it back to KAPUKA this KAPUKA that – Ha ha (he will probably punch me when he reads this, considering how buff he has become). Either way, when I listen to freestyles like this (African Shit). I honestly just feel like I need more of this..


Listen to African Sh*t!:


Download the track here:

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