Bamboo Feat Vicki – Mama Africa 2 (***GetMziki Exclusive)


I was just going thru my music emails and realized we had “lost” this track between the tons of emails we have. Initially Leo was to bless the GetMziki folks with the track, but with everything else we try and accomplish, I decided to jump on this and ride with “Mama Africa 2”.

There is not really 2 much to say about the track, but pure hotness. If you really are a music fan, then this is one of the tracks that stay in constant rotation in your playlist. I mean, with Vicki on the chorus and Bamboo on the verses, the track is straight fun, fresh and just something that speaks volumes on the musical talent we have in Africa. The beat is sick and something you would hear on urban radio stations, then for Bamboo to come in and talk about

Mapenzi Tele, Nimekaa Kwenye Benz Mbele
Nikiongea na Manzi Kele, Napanaga Vile nitapiga Makelele


We have artists that always make you wanna listen to every single lyric in songs and the sick combination of the family duo is just way ill for anybody to ignore the great tracks coming out of that camp. Bamboo, people need to start hearing this on a larger scale and in a 2010 mixtape venue. The streets, radio and clubs need to hear this.

Africa stand up!!!!

listen to Mama Africa 2 below:


Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)


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