Calvo Mistari (Lyrical Assassins) Feat. Wyre & Opip – Chapi (GetMziki Exclusive ***)



t appears each month there is a new dance emerging in Kenya, talking to Calvo I realize that this whole CHAPI CHAPI is actually a dance in Kenya thats apparently big. I remember going to F2 just to get a better understanding of what the Mosquito dance was and all these other chinese, kangaroo and kuku dance was all about.

Anyway this is some new music from Calvo Mistari feat Wyre and Opip. Personally I like the beat, the beat is on FIRE. Somewhere before I even learned the production I knew this had Musyoka written all over it, unfortunately because there are so many producers in Kenya right now its so hard to find one Producers signature sound – so I wasn’t sure. However I think there is a way that Musyoka uses harmonies or the organ to bring some emotion to a track. Certain elements of this track bring that in to just make it a dope beat.

Thankfully Calvo doesn’t disappoint on his verse as well as the hook from Wyre – everything just come together happily. Opip’s delivery was also okay…. The track is a feel good track and I think it gets a nice warm fuzzy spot in my iPod. As I understand this is part of the upcoming “Madaraka Madness” album that Lyrical Assassins has been working on. And just in case you are wondering the video was shot by Ogopa DJs.

listen to Chapi here:


download the track here:

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watch the video here:


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