Ken Razy ft Shaquilla & Rap Damu – Hapa Si Huko (GetMziki Exclusive)


ken-razy2Its been close to 2 years ever since Ken Razy had the smash song Ti-Chi and ever since he’s been on the grind crafting hits and elevating his musical game continuously proving the critics wrong, that he’s not here to stay. Can I ask, has Ken Razy ever released an album or is just singles.

Although he still hasn’t had a bigger crossover hit that Ti-Chi, the songs that we are hearing from him are straight bangers. Last year he also released Ashu kwa shu that was a club banger. Like his signature catchy phrase says, “Ken Razy Rudia”, he’s definitely on his way to “Rudia” being on constant rotation on the radio.

On this 2010 track, featuring Shaquilla and Rapdamu, they go hard on the infectious beat for a catchy single.

I believe the chorus would have been way better if they had included  the lady Shaquilla to drop some lines, since she was already being featured on the song.  Make sure you listen to the lyrics since both Rap Damu and Ken Razy go back and forth dropping some crazy punchlines. Check out this lines from Rap Damu that made my day lol.

“Rap Damu, Niko juu tu sana, Si need ma Viagra, njugu labda”


Listen to the Track below

Download the track below:


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