Bamboo feat Teddy Bear & Chris – Borrow your Mouth


image courtesy of Bamboo Myspace

Our in boxes are full of

hot new music and we need to find a way to push these new beats over the next few weeks. So what we will try to do is push all the stuff that came in late December and then even our way through into Jan. Some of the upcoming East African tracks wont be super new but be guaranteed that they were delivered to us recently.

Last week I was criticizing an artists called MANIFEST – I went on and on about how I think this would be the perfect match for BAMBOO. As if to taunt me BAMBOO dropped this track on my laps the same day off his upcoming album which I understand is just FIRE. TIM (aka BAMBOO) spits the first verse of this killer track thats currently taking Kenya by storm already. The delivery is typical BAMBOO, and the collaboration by Chris and Teddy to bless the hook and the following verses just brings the entire track to a climax. Its got that dirty dirty in it and a little of that pop Jay Z gets from Just BLAZE when they add trumpets to their tracks. Actually if you told me Just Blaze produced this track I wouldn’t be surprised.

“Shut up and let me borrow your mouth… // don’t say nothing ”

Enjoy the track here..

listen to Borrow your mouth here:


download the track here:


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