Bamboo – Go DJ (GetMziki Exclusive ****)


I love Bamboo for a few reasons, through the thick and thin homie can really bounce back as if he was never down. I love Bamboo because sometimes he listens to his fans. I love Bamboo more importantly because he is a go getter – he will do what he must to make it out of this rap game/entertainment. If you can recall a few months ago I was bitching about Bamboo going back to his roots and just getting fresh with the Sheng flows.

Bamboo has it all, he has the talent, he has the flows, he has the smarts to put together some really cool choppy bars that keep his audiences engaged. Sometimes I think however as an artists it gets confusing which call you should answer. I’ve been watching this Trey songz show on BET lately (considering I hate BET). And its interesting management told Trey Songz to kill his gangsta image and the braids/corn rows for the clean cut snazzy sexy boy look. IT WORKED. Sometimes I just wish someone can do the same for Bamboo and manage his brand – and manage it well. Because all this is all about BRANDING – sio kitu ingine.

Either way – the African BANTU I salute you and love your work each time you send me the hits. This is no exception, this is a sure shot. Its not a club dancing song – this is not your COMPE type of track. But you will sit and listen to the Bamboo Delivery. Also key thing to note is that Bizzy has been in the US for a minute but am happy his Sheng flow is on point 🙂

..Wapi album za K-South, tume uza – sija uza uliza Suzanne… // Bamboo youze a fool for this one – I thought Samawati ni mambo ya zamani.

listen to Go DJ here


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