DJ Mista Trixx – Dallas Memorial Promo Mixtape (GetMziki Exclusive DJ sessions ***)


image courtesy of Madness Crew

Ohh Boy! here we go again Dallas Memorial 2010 (it sucks when you have to start a post with Ohh Boy!) but really honestly, I love Dallas and I love the Dallas Community (actually the highest GetMziki Traffic is from Dallas). But Dallas party promotions are normally a whole different beast, especially during memorial weekend. I had the opportunity of going for the Memorial weekend a few years back and as much as I enjoyed myself there were just too many complications and siasa. There were also other events happening in Houston which I wanted to go to but couldn’t because I was caught up with difficulties in making decisions on where to go. The complexities of the promotions involved to capture the audiences in Dallas are just ridiculous sometimes. Although on the flip side its exciting as a consumer to see people go to great lengths to captivate you or to get your attention. Maybe this is the thing they call FAIR BUSINESS, that I have no idea about.

I think gone are the days when I would honestly believe that one day we will actually have one KENYAN party which was prepared by all the promoters in a particular city. Am not even waiting for that to happen, especially after this years Las Vegas Kenyan Parties. I actually thought that dream may have come true, only to realize that there were about 3 different parties in Las Vegas (so it’s not just Dallas I think the Kenyan events circus is all over the US). It usually sucks when your girlfriend wants to go to a TOD event and you want to go to a 2Kat event and your cousin wants to go to a Mdosi event, and your bro is at a DJXP event… all in one night. But hey what do I know – am just a mere consumer trying to look for the best hang to go to.

This year Dallas has some interesting things going on, which I am not at liberty to talk about. However I love music, so putting my bias aside I am inclined to recognize and pay homage to good music and good DJying. Mista Trixx is well known in the community circles but unfortunately he/they Madness crew have never really toured the West Coast so I can’t talk much about his live performance. What I can say is that he is consistent in sending me mixes every quarter and to that I am grateful. Their crew is on the star line up to the (Uhuru Clothing) UC inspired events coming up in Dallas and as such most of these DJ’s involved are working on Mixes and promotional material right now. Over the next few months (MAY IS SO FAAAAAR but guys are already pushing events), be prepared to see and hear a lot of talent coming from the people involved in putting some of these events together. GetMziki claims no particular affiliation and its important for our users to understand that, however whenever we hear a good mix we will always post it – and this my friends is a damn good mix. (Last year we posted the TOD ThanksGiving (XGV) Mixtape one of my US DJ favorites to date). Anyway for anyone making plans to go to Dallas – Enjoy coz its always guaranteed to be muhenjoyos – Women in Dallas are off the chains. Its the one place I can be myself, people there tend not to pull “petho” I think I talked to some chile for an hour in sheng – it was the best thing ever.

For the few who wont make it – enjoy this DJ mix as a blessing.

ps. I added a cheezy Video Trixx put together LOL.

Listen to the Dallas Promo Mix here:


Download the mix here:

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Trixx on the promo tip:


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