CLD, Raz, Film C, Chikuzee & OHZY – So Nice (GetMziki Exclusive **)


CLD and crew

Every now and then we get some new music from Mombasa and this week we’ve been blessed with music from CLD and crew. Actually let me just list all the artists on this track: CLD (Who sang My Video and Soldier), Film C, Chikuzee, Raz and OHTZ. Frankly we have little or no information about few other artists however CLD has been featured on GetMziki through one capacity or the next. CLD performed Mo-Faya with Abbas a while back – it was part of that catchy hook that got Kenya all wrapped around Mo-Faya [watch the video here if you need a refresher]

Otherwise I think this is a promising track, give it a listen.

ps. Although this whole attempt at singing in NAIJA I dont know. Before I spill my beans just listen to this track and let me know what you think..

listen to So Nice here:


download the track here:


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