Shaa – Shoga (**GetMziki Artist Spotlight)


We have tons of tracks from Shaa and have had discussions among ourselves about how great her songs are and the way she has a bright future in Bongo music. With everything else we try to accomplish, we sadly enough haven’t really posted any tracks from her until now.

Sarah Kaisi, now commonly known as Shaa, is a 24 year old talented Tanzanian, who grew up in a musical family with her debut album being in early 2004 with the group “Wakilisha” of the East Africa Coca Cola Pop stars. The album had the hit single “Hoi” but after a while she left the group and went to Washington DC to further her studies. In October 2008, she landed herself a major record deal with Tanzania’s MJ Records and recorded her first solo album “Zamu Yangu” which means “It’s my turn”, since everybody in her former group had released albums apart from her.

Her music is a fusion of Zouk, Reggae and Bongo Flava . She was last year nominated for the the Best Newcomer of The Year category at the 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA) and was also just recently signed to Rockstar 4000 Music Entertainment – the African continent’s first Pan African 360 Music & Entertainment Company and Record Label.

Her past hit singles include “Pambazuka” with AY, “Mtimanyongo” with Langa and “Mafundi”. The Song “Shoga” has slowly but surely been climbing the charts in most bongo radio station countdowns and with this track, she definitely cements her place in Bongo music for the long haul. Make sure to also check out the video for the beautiful backgrounds and “African Authenticity”. If this is the first time you’re hearing about Shaa, be ready to hear tons of her amazing work in the next coming years. Enjoy!!!

Listen to the tracks below:


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Watch the video below:


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