Bamzigi- Form ni Gani


The African superman Bamzigi is back with new material.

“Form Ni Gani” is a Kenyan electronic Afro pop, hip hop fusion track produced by a young, upcoming & talented producer DTX and Co-produced by Bamzigi

As per his press release

The style of the track is a new direction for Bamzigi. He’s decided to attempt (for the first time in his career) the blending of the Kenyan style known as “kapuka” with his usual Kenyan “Hip Hop” genre together with his most recent musical venture (That he’s been experimenting with since 2009) dubbed “Mizuka”.(Kenyan EDM,Hip hop,Dancehall,R&B,Afro pop fusion)

In this particular project we’ve decided to take it back to our original formula of HIT music making, which was to focus on creating “feel good”, commercial, “club banger’s” that make it easy to move to the beat & dance too, in general kick ass “Party” tracks.
The track was produced by DTX & African Superman (Bamzigi production alter ego) at the 3050 Muzik studios in Nairobi. The project is a typical party track with a catchy hook and an up tempo “Bouncy” “Breakbeat meshed together with a unresistant Afro pop percussion, a heavy yet smooth bass line, along side a sharp addictive electronic synth that’s all bound together by a rhythmic electronic lead instrument (that sounds like an electronic version of a cello) that’s bound to raise the hairs on the back if your neck every time this track pierces through your speakers.

A Kenyan street slang phrase that can be translated in English as “What’s the plan” or a simple “what’s up” or “how you doin”, “Form Ni Gani” is in a nutshell the latest in Kenyan street slang lingo that we cleverly twisted in a fun and creative way in order to make it into the kick ass dance-able, radio friendly jam it is today.

“Form Ni Gani” is produced, written & performed courtesy of 3050 Muzik Group Studios, Nairobi Kenya


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