Vivian Olang – Osiepna and Busu Moja


Vivian Olang's

If you follow Tedd Josiah on Facebook, you know he has great videos on music, politics and general life that are really very enlightening and thoughtful. He’s also been producting this poet from Kisumu called Vivian Olang.

Last month he had this on his FB page

Introducing Vivian Olang a singer longer writer from Kisumu with an extremely soulful voice and style that will get you wanting to learn Luo and Swahili just by the way she delivers her melodies.
Check out what we at #SwaRnB records have been working on for the past couple of months.
A very special thanks to our session musicians and song writers on this project.

On the Osiepna record recently

SwaRnB records presents the 2nd single off of miss Vivian Olang EP. Osiepna shows a different vocally mature, husky side of Vivian Olang.
She is truly a talented singer songwriter on the rise in East Africa and beyond.
Produced by Tedd Josiah for SwaRnB records 2016


Listen to Busu Moja below:

Listen to Osiepna below:


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