Brand New Music : Bebe Cool feat Gasuza – Sexy Thing


For the longest time I thought I had Bebe cool’s style all figured out, his raspy edgy voice seemed to mimic Chameleons, only that he developed his own style with time. I have never met him in person, but i hear that he is a much more pleasant guy to deal with than Jose Chameleon. Needless to say – both these two artists make good music.

Ugandans as a community in the entertainment industry have been on the cutting edge of new and diverse styles, as well as new and better produced music videos. So this song makes no exception in the type/kind of quality you’d expect from Uganda. I am just overwhelmed at Bebe Cool’s english, his versatility and the fact that he can flip it… he reminds me of me – a guy who can be a thug when he needs to, a corporate hustler when he needs to, and an akata when convenient. The delivery of the lyrics on this track could pass for any American artists….

Big ups to the Ugandans… keep them coming. (on a personal note, this is not the type of track that i would bump to, it just makes some good listening to, but definitely not a club banger)

Listen to Bebe cool’s sexy thing here:


Download the track here:

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watch the video here:


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