Brand New Music : Big Pin feat Collo – Kadem


image courtesy of Homeboyz Blog

The Beast from the East – Big Pin, probably one of Kenya’s culturally diverse sensations, he always delivers the right hooks and tracks to make the mood right. After he released Terra Moss, I was done! The whole Indian flavor mixed with Ogopa kapuka sounds and youthful flutes was so engaging. And then he delivered another track called Bentemba (ps. am looking for a good quality version of this track if anyone has it please send it through mailto :

For me Big Pin is part of the overall Ogopa crew, style and delivery so I wouldnt expect anything less. I am still very conflicted about this song – maybe I need to listen to it a few more times, but for now enjoy it. Collo always does his job right, probably one of my top five lyricists in Kenya (i’ve watched Collo freestyle and the boy/man is sick, although his new track Mschana high class was a little off)

Listen to Kadem here:


Download the track here:


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