Before FM Radio


Before FM radio came to Kenya,- when the only choices in radio were VOK /KBC national service,general service and vernacular. If you had a Sanyo or regular radio your musical choices were pretty limited to the choices of government dj’s on radio. Those who were slightly well off maybe had a Grundig radio which could catch BBC, and other foreign stations.

For those of us who were up on things, you made sure you had a source of those ‘radio station’ tapes that used to circulate in the estates. I managed to dig up some selections from dj’s who were popular like Tim Westwood from UK who had the HipHop tapes on lock, then we had David Rodigan from UK – kiss fm, also there was Cut killer from France on some HipHop tapes. There were also tapes from WPGC 95 from DC and couple of tapes form Kiss FM: in NY.

For old times sake enjoy:

Tim Westoood (1994): courtesy fat lace

Part 1:
Part 2:

Funkmaster Flex (1993) (courtesy altrap)


i will post some Rodigan and Cut Killer mixes as soon as i dig them up.


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