Brand New : Wahu feat Bobby Wine – Little things you do


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So apparently there was a making the video challenge that MTV pushed to the East African Market (MTV Making the Video Challenge), MTV got some big producers from the US to rally up some local Producers and artists, come up with songs and music videos that are of certain quality. This happened throughout selected African countries, however in Kenya Wahu managed to ink the deal with Bobby Wine from Uganda to make this hit track called “Little Things You Do”

This is not typically Wahu’s style (Am so tempted to say Yahoo, or Woo hoo.. just shows how long i’ve been in this part of town and how TV has messed up my mind). I think this track will definitely grow on you if you give it the chance to. Bobby Wine definitely put it to a close… Its not one of those sure shot bangers, but it can grow on you.

personally its not one of those songs I would go crazy for like the UNA. Chini Chini, or Jana Kuliendaje… I am also not feeling her Sweet love song… but that’s just me. I think Wahu was best suited with the ” He is a Liar ” catchy hooks and snappy lyrical come backs to all guy songs… That’s when I used to like Wahu… Maybe Marriage makes you a softie.. Coz the songs Nameless is unleashing these days are also dodgy.. (I cant stand that Salari Song – I cant lie am still jamming his first album – especially coz there is a song about me in there “I am on Faya” ha ha ha)

listen to Wahu’s new song here:


download the track here:


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