Tugi – Be My Baby (West Coast Kenyan Artist)


I’ve been meaning to share this track that I received from an aspiring artists based in Oakland California for a long time but never got the chance to until today. I currently don’t have any real info about her that I can share, but she wanted me to put her track out there so DJs could play it and give some feedback.

My personal opinion is – its been a while since I actually heard something out of US studios that deserves recognition. The first time I heard this track I sent to Eve D’souza and Talia Oyando in Kenya.. To get some top spins. But I have to admit its hard for Kenyans living in the US to break through the Kenyan Market, unless you travel back there and promote your music (Just ask Shu – Mwashuma, or Wawesh). Either way before I splatter my opinions or my critic, give the track a listen and then let me know.. Especially to the dancehall reggae heads… Let me know what you think!

listen to Tugi’s be my baby here:


download the track here:


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