Bobby Mapesa – Gwara Winch (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


This track dropped sometime this month and we’d been trying to holla at Bobby Mapesa because this SHENG definitely surpasses our knowledge. Thats one of the biggest disadvantages of growing old and growing old while living outside Kenya. I feel like my Sheng is so out dated. I really wanted to say ” Maze sheng yangu ni ya tene” Honestly .. What is “GWARA WINCH WINCH”. uwongo mbaya mimi ni msee wa mtaa lakini hii ime nipita kinyama mzeiya. Moving on swiftly.

Before I embarrass myself further I will keep it simple. The fact however is this is a dope ass song. Delivery is tight, beats are tight and the street lingo/cred is on point. I’ve always been a fan of Bobby Mapesa since tuko Mbele, and Kamoja… So its not a surprise that am hooked on this track.

listen to Gwara Winch here:


download the track here:


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