Brand New: Bamboo feat J-Sol – Waniua/Long Distance (Get Mziki Exclusive ***)



Bamboo dropped this track a week ago, unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to listen to it until yesterday. Initially there was a lot of name dropping on the email (Typical Tim when he is excited). “The Song features J-Sol on the hook” and produced by the same guy who produced Sweet Dreams are made of this (Named Swisha who is signed to Dave stewart).. Meanwhile all along am listening to this track am saying damn its good to have P-Funk back (Popular Tanzanian producer).

Personally I am more excited to just have Bamboo back. This year he has been blessed and in return he has blessed our ears, consider this for an album run. He dropped Tubambiane earlier in the year, which was a sick come back for an artist many had written off (I still listen to that song everyday). He then dropped Tabia Mbaya, which was an instant club banger and heart robber.

So if you sample the past two tracks and then get to this Long Distance track – one thing that will definitely stand out is the fact that the man is back. Bamboo has embraced his roots and is going full throttle hard at the local East African market. This track would fit right in the Tanzanian market with the other hits that people like P-Funk puts together. Its interesting that some US/UK Based producer put this track together. However this is not the type of song you would hear in a club but its definitely going to get massive radio play and rotation.

All we need now is one more HIT Bamboo! and then we can take over the world 🙂

ps. That guy singing the hook? sick! Good job on this collabo by the way Jay and Jay Soul… pss. Big shouts also to Attitude, Mercy and the whole ATL crew thank you for your love and support to the GetMziki team whenever we are in town…

Enjoy the track – give us your thoughts and feedback…

listen to long distance here:


download the track here:


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