Brand New: CPwaa- Problem (GetMziki Exclusive***)


image courtesy of Swahili Remix

Like Tanzanians like to say – “eeee bwana quality!!!” My man Alvin dropped this heavy track earlier in the week and I was like i’ll listen to it later since I was busy during the week. Funny thing Alvin told me that CPWAA is trying to be the KING OF BONGO CRUNK, so i was like maaaaan great just what we need, another little John or Souldier Boy!

But after I sampled this track last night I knew this cat is onto something. The only problem I have is, I am not sure who to attribute more credit to – the producers (Luche and Marco Chali) or the artist (CPWAA). Coz why lie the track is heavy, the beat is busy -Luche wasnt playing when he went into the studio to package this midwesta/dirtysouth beat. But I assume it wouldnt be heavy if CPwaa didnt bless it with this problem track.

I also have a problem with the ending of the track when Cpwaa breaks into some dancehall or reggae!! Or maybe thats the freshness of the track, either way I am glad Tanzanians are on the uprise. Cpwaa hit this track with auto tune (vocoder) he apprently wants to be the king of Bongo Crunk… at this rate I dont see why we cant start handing him the crown – so far he is running the streets with this problem track.

Enjoy the joint

listen to problem here:


Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Updated: You can watch the video here (Thanks to SK and & Don)


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