Brand New: Maleek feat Kasa – Sikutaki (GetMziki Exclusive **)


image courtesy of Maleek Media

Well by now its no secret that we have been trying to publicize Maleek’s new album which dropped a few weeks ago. I actually decided to document my journey on receiving the album through the mail (Maleek is currently in Aussie completing studies so part of the album was completed from Aussie). I have never met Maleek in person (not that I recall), but he has enjoyed great relationships with my Blackstar team in Kenya for years, not withstanding Tshazi is part of Blackstar Ent so I am inclined to give the album and his music some special treatment by default 🙂

Although I’ve been known to be a B^&stard! so the only way i know to give reviews and critics is being stern and real…

That said – I listened to the album and my honest opinion is there are probably about 4 to 5 good jams (including the one I’ve attached here). The rest are too hardcore and too Midwest for me. Ideally Tshazi’s production style has always leaned towards crunk-south music, so for most part when I listened to a few of the tracks on this album I was like aight okay I get it… sawa lets get something different. But on Sikutati he comes off relaxed, focused, lyrically correct and implores great emotion on the track. Kasa also adds flavor to the overall track with her interestingly pitched voice.

I dont see people dancing to this song, but I can easily see it being played on radio and getting some play on ipods across the globe. What I however will commend Maleek for is for putting a business together, I respect artists who will believe in what they do, invest in building their artistry and invest in marketing their products. Maleek has a website, myspace, shopping cart, physical CD… He took a lot of time to figure out how to push his music and I respect that on many levels. And simply for that. we will support you as much as we can.

Enjoy the track

listen to sikutaki here:


download the track here:


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