Brand New: Dereva Wawili – Adio feat Nyambane (GetMziki Ke Exclusive ***)


walter_nyambane img courtesy of Nation Media Group

Truth be told Nyambane is probably one of Kenyas most talented media personalities. I respect the mans sense of humor and his ability to quickly change and morph into Walter vs Nyamane. Although I think his humor lingers/borderline comedy and clown – because the genius is always in character, dressed as Nyambane half the time so its difficult to distinguish the two. Either way being Nyambane has paid off very handsomely.

The challenge I have with Walter is his passion for music and vision to over develop this unforseen talent. He has been busy with bands, groups, record labels and himself. So much that I understand this track actually features one of Kenyans Benga heavy weights, Prince Adio. If you dont know prince Adio he is the one who sang “nikiwa ndani”… I loved that track, coz it was such a typical scenario of these Kenyan chiles 🙂 If am inside you cause, if I am outside you cause – when you are loved you cant be loved ha ha ha anyway guys from Mombasa are very swift with the tongue.

Either way enjoy this interesting track – I dont know what to make of it, ill voice my comments in a few weeks. Speaking of which Walter is on tour in the US for a few weeks with akina Mama Kayai and Ojwang… (ps. Walter paid for the entire trip himself after a bank in Kenya pulled out from sponsorship).

listen to Dereva wawili here:


download the track here:


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