Brand New: Didge – Feels Good (GetMziki Exclusive ****)


images courtesy of Didge Soul – Facebook

I recently had a discussion with Musyoka about the state of the music industry globally and in Kenya – the details of which I plan to publish on a secondary blog we are working on for the music business enthusiasts. However one of the key things was that he talked about sound and trying new things. When I listened to the P-Unit Iko Juu tu sana track, I criticized it for a lambasted attempt to capture the US market or to compete with the US market. What I however overlooked was that there are actual artist in Kenya who can carry his production capabilities to the next level.

Didge and I have been close friends for a while, so it goes without saying I have a general bias for his music, but truth be told anyone who has listened or heard Didge perform live knows this cat it MOTO MOTO. In terms of vocals this can possibly be the one Kenyan artist to represent the whole country with vocal capabilities next to or surpassing the Eric Wainainas and the Kanji’s. The only other person I adore is Chizi who sings gospel (although Chizi is just a sweeter version of Eric Wainaina).

This Brand new joint is off the chains, the bass, the music composition is off the chain – Musyoka completely out did himself on this joint. Didge’s vocals and the lyrics, kabuti the whole ngoma. I like the whole sheng, swahili and english – thats just so Kenyan! We need to own our music we need to make it for our people and we are loving this music – keep pushing and bringing this heat…


listen to feels good here:


download the track here:


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