Eiih! – DNA (GetMziki Exclusive***)



Am posting this song knowing many people will be like yo Leo this is an old song… but you don’t know how long I have been looking for this track. Maybe I should start a section here called wishlist where people can contribute tracks. (Sadly we cant do that because most of the songs we publish here come from producers, artists and the content owners so we just don’t post songs fwaaaa!!! there is a method to the madness).

That said after dissing Jomino earlier today and saying he is always on the same signature Jomino beat – I cant help but say I love this Ngoma! this is my joint… some random DJ put this track on his mix last year and I kept forwarding to that part. I called the song FROTHO!! kumbe ngoma is called something else Eihh!

DNA killed it on this track – Yo DNA.. Mtu wangu I have been meaning to tell you this is probably one of your best songs for realz… Mo Fayaaaa!! Enjoy the track, am just happy I dont have to murder this DJs mix anymore.

listen to Eiih! here:


download the track here:


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