New DJ Set: DJ Mista Trixx – Lokal Motives Vol III


I have a general bias for these Madness Crew guys, I am not sure why but I keep saying over and over – the Kenyan US market better watchout for these young cats coz I think they are going to be the next big thing. I am particularly intrigued by DJ Mista Trixx, I have worked with many DJs in my time and normally i can pick a few peculiar things about a DJ from their humble beginnings. I think Mista Trixx is onto something if he continues to remain relevant and consistent.

I don’t really like their website, it doesn’t say much about what their outfit does or their capabilities but for more info please check them out here – What Trixx does is he compiles some of the great songs on GetMziki sometimes and makes a youthful blend of Genge vs Bongo – this set was submitted a few weeks back but I had to listen to it for days to see if its worthy… ha ha ha And why lie its a good mix to have for short trips to the 711 while listening to jamzs on your ipod.

ps. Message to all DJs, music is changing, music has been changing for the last few years, production tools are growing at a rapid rate – in the US currently anyone can put the acronym D.J in front of their name and automatically they feel they are entitled to throw parties and or play for a large crowd. The market is getting saturated and the quality of work has diminished for years. This Kenyan US industry is going to be dominated by a very small group of young, energetic and very versatile DJs, however many of these young guys are not good businessmen so the balance to find good entertainment and good services or ideas is going to continue being a challenge. The lack of originality will plague the market until such a point that the old and the new work together to make something unique… What am saying is that there is a lot of room for change and growth in this music industry in the US.

But for now just enjoy the NGOMA…

Listen to the DJ set here:


Download the mix here:


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