Brand New: Jaguar – Tayari (GetMziki Exclusive *)



Damn! I have been AWOL for a while – its been weeks since I’ve posted any song, I had some personal family business to attend to – but now that I am back I need to process this back log. I am glad the rest of the GM team managed to update the site and make sure stuff stays fresh. However not to brag – but I always got the fresh shit from Kenya & Naija:-) (ps. I am feeling that Zimboo stuff).

That said I have been sitting on this Jaguar song for a while now, the track is called kama uko tayari featuring some chile I am not sure who she is. Jaguar has been touring the US over the last few months, although I personally haven’t had the chance to sit and talk to him. I am not such a fan of this song but there has been some underground movement claiming that this song is the shit. The track sounds coast-ish… but I could be wrong. I listened to it a few times but am not really feeling it – I think Jaguar needs to switch his style up – its 2009. You need to come out with BANGERS…

Either way enjoy tayari here.

listen to Tayari here:


download the track here:


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