Brand New: Jahmani – Eiiya


One of the few things I hate about Kenyan artists is the fact that there isnt enough information on any of them anywhere on the Internet. Maybe thats why sites like this exist to assist our local acts create some form of digital imprint. Hopefully this will be sorted out soon – when each and every Kenyan artists will have a myspace, or a blog somewhere. That said my frustration stems from the fact that I used to like Jahmani yet I cant find even one image anywhere online to show you who this cat is.

This is the first cat to come out and just put Westi on the MAP.. and when I say WESTI, not MADARAKA WEST, I mean WESTLANDS…

That said here is some not so new heat but still worthy being called new – Jahmani – Eiiya

listen to Eiiya here:


download the track here:


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