Lyrical Assassins feat Everyone!! – Piga saluti (remix)


Lyrical Assasins

Calvo has become one of my good friends and comrades- we chat every

once often. One thing I like about these cats is how they have used the Internet to push their music. If you are on facebook, you will find a new video or a new update every once often from Lyrical Assassins. That being said if you were ever going to do a collabo of sorts this is how you would go about it – put “everyone” on it

This is the remix to Piga Saluti which we posted a few months back – but the remix is sick look at this list of heavy weights blessing the remix

– Jahmani
– Nickdogg
– KillerSyles
– Opips
– Madtraxx
– Jirongi & Jardell

Shit – this is official, you need to listen to the lyrics (BEATS na SNAYAAAA – snare).

listen to piga saluti here:


download the track here:

watch the video here:

I thought I should add one of my favorite videos from one of my favorite shows also – WAKILISHA which is a BLACKSTAR producshizzle jumps of on NTV – they carried this feature that Calvo was good enough to record and post online…. Check it out.. HOODPASSPORT – Lyrical Assassins


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