Brand New: Kenrazy feat Kizob – Kicheche


Honestly when DJ Kelz sent me this track from the Jomino camp I was like aight aight here comes some interesting collabo between Razy and Bongo artist Kizob. I really didn’t think much about the track itself I was more interested in who Kizob is… It seems Tanzania is churning out a new artist every month, so to me this collabo sits on the fence simply because I don’t know who Kizob is, but that’s not an excuse.

I think the track is not balanced – am not sure who is carrying the beat better Kenrazy or Kizob, overall I cant see this track living outside this blog. I will be surprised if this song has blown up or if it will blow up to be compared to Tichi standards. Kicheche is a lose lose chile – its Tanzanian slang that has sipped its way into Sheng and ive heard a few people talking about Kicheche here and there. That said though my personal opinion is that this track is still wanting – missing something. I am also concerned about Jomino – the beats sound too similar, the fruits not falling so far from the tree with these signature beats. Can Jomino reinvent himself? Can something different come out of that kitchen? I dont know but i find the whole beat mapping thing too similar in all Jomino tracks.

Either way enjoy the track here:

listen to Kicheche here:


download the track here:


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