Brand New: Mad Traxx – Take You out (GetMziki Exclusive **)



This morning has been filled with Producers being called out on various aspects of their creativity on a few of the last few songs we’ve posted. I love it when people are genuinely or emotionally involved with the songs production, I love it when people take the time to share their opinions and reviews – Its with these sort of comments we are able to build upon existing products or services. Without feedback we are nothing.

Therefore it is probably a refreshing alternative/option to debut this track here considering its the most original I’ve heard this week. From start to finish – it feels like a fusion of zouk, soukous, kapuka and Genge… I don’t know how to explain it but I love the track. I am constantly impressed by George’s (MadTraxx) capacity to stay alive and relevant. I had written him off a few months ago, but strangely he keeps making the right decisions, the right collaborations, the right track formations, and basically just good music. This here is clear evidence that sometimes I am wrong (not most of the time though 🙂 ) George aka Mad Traxx who also happens to be DJ Stylez small brother is one of those cats that just has good energy and is always a happy cat… Its no wonder the flow of feel good music keeps pouring in.

ps. I hope his attitude hasn’t been affected by the recent rise of fame and stardom… it would suck to lose his personality coz from what I can remember, the dude was just mad cool… Anyway who knows.

Enjoy the track

listen to Take you out here:

[audio: Take_You_Out.mp3]

download the track here:

watch the video here:


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