Brand New: Redsan – Yule Pale (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


image courtesy of Redsan Myspace

I am yet to meet anyone in my life who is persistent and consistent with wanting to be a star such as Redsan. I think Redsan became a star simply because he felt, thought and treated himself as one. Way before Prezzo, Howee and the other flossin and dossin artists showed up. There was Redsan, not too many people can attest to his Stardom because not too many people could tell the difference. I mean Redsan had a body guard way before anyone knew what a personal body guard was. It doesnt even matter whether I think he needed one or not.

The second interesting fact about Redsan is his persistency (sp), one fine afternoon Redsan decided he would meet Shaggy and ask him to do a Collabo with him. Interestingly enough Shaggy was on Tour in the country, Red did all he could do to get Shaggy to listen to his music and also talk to him. To me its these types of character traits that make artists big. You cant be an artists who doesnt push his music. Recently I met JuaCali in the US selling his own CD’s and t-shirts (although I think the t-shirt move is lame, I personally wouldnt wear JuaCali’s face on my chest, but I can wear a brand he has created… Even Nonini needs to change that stuff – hizo ni ma brand mechanism za 1994 or for the 18yr olds.. Look at puff and 50 they sell tshirts that just say – Thisis50 or No bitch assness… Anyway am digressing). Moral of the story is Redsan is a hustla and I respect his hustle.

I however still have issues with all these patois singing Kenyan artist but as of today this is the BIGGEST song in the Kenyan countdowns so I have to respect it and give it the attention it deserves. Funny enough Dona sent this to me weeks ago – I slept on it… Coz to me its not really a big song its just okay.. I don’t know maybe lets open up the reviews and see what the people think.

listen to Yule Pale here:


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