Dela – Ulivyo (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


Wawesh has been acting shiesty with this track for the last few months and I am getting increasingly aggravated… (jokes Wesh, jokes lol). Seriously the first time Chao told me about Dela, she was like yo! you need to check out DELA she is the truth! I slept on it for a while because there wasn’t enough material on her at the time, whats worse is I wasn’t entirely impressed by the live performance clips that were on YouTube and stuff. So I snubbed her as I usually do to artists that don’t impress me on first impulse.

But week over week each one of my soul friends would hit me up with have you heard of DELA, do you have this DELA track, DELA this and DELA that… I admit I was almost DELA’d out. Sue hit me up about 5 times about DELA and shared her album page and I was still unimpressed. But let me say this – from a users/listener who listens to a lot of music and I listen to a song nearly 20 times before I pass judgment – DELA for me was something I just grew to love over time and I cant explain how it happened because it didn’t happen over night. So if someone asked me what do you think about DELA I would say it has a distinctive taste and may not necessarily resonate with your ears at first – but give it time because it will hit you and hit you hard.

Currently am trying to find the AUDIO but I have to post the Video here coz I like Kule 🙂 And I mean that in a non sexual way. But if I was a chile I would totally be fukuzaing this jama like a tight mathree. I’ve never met Kule personally but we have talked over and over – I must say if this cat had half the resources and exposure US has to offer he would be pretty far. I would put him in the same caliber with people like Denzel and Morris Chesnut in terms of swagger – presentation, media understanding and entertainment. I used to watch his uncut video clips that Chao would upload on Facebook and right away I knew the kid would be a star. Jim Chuchu directed this video, and dude was saying how Kule would play director half the time and dictate where he thinks the shots would work best. Real talk – shit look fly, why lie. So if anyone has the Audio please send it through – although I have a feeling Wawero will sambaza it soon since I have complained.

Thanks in advance.

watch the video here:


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