Q-Ta-C – Chips Funga (GetMziki Rewind Exclusive ***)


It seems I will be doing all these Clemo throwbacks this week mostly because Calif Records just released the videos to some of these songs. We posted this song about June last year – on the GetMziki Faceoff Feature of the week. To which gladly Q-Tac won the battle. It was hilarious then as much as it is today – the fact that someone made a whole song about Chips funga.

The video is hilarious, a jama under the bed being treated like a Clande (Clandestine is an actual English word fyi). Not like Makmende and Make My day. But again Calif Records have and continue to outdo themselves when it comes to creativity, content and delivery. These are at least two videos back to back which are pretty hi quality and good story line. Big ups to Luche and his team.

ps. On the flip side of things, this is a funny song but very informative about the current social conundrum bestowed on many Kenyan families or relationships in Kenya. “Mpango wa Kando” which pretty much is when a guy has a shorty on the side or vice versa when a Chile has a guy on the side of his/her main relationship is one of the biggest growing trends in Kenya. Not only from a moral perspective but more from a health and disease perspective. Its so easy to carry things over from one partner to another and Kenya govt has been trying to spear head various campaigns to kill the whole “mpango wa kando” movement… Some of my sources in Kenya tell me – most women don’t care about being kept because the economy is so bad that they’d rather have a dude who takes care of them, and then in the process they actually tend to have a main guy also. Its all rather too confusing for – As difficult as I know it is staying and remaining faithful – I think I would rather make my wife/chile into the Clande I want her to be. Maybe try playing roles – dress her up like a Kuro and try get some excitement from that. I don’t know … he he he am just saying,

listen to Q-Tac’s Chips funga here:


download the track here:

watch the video here:


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