K Solja – Siku Kumi Za Mgeni (GetMziki Exclusive ****)


Clemo just dropped this video today so we figured it would be important to share the track after as well. This song dropped earlier in the year and its been banging HAAARD in the Kenyan streets as we understand. Once you listen to the lyrics its hard not to like the track. Overall I like the formula that Calif Records has maintained over the years. All these artists are straight from the streets. None of these cats is essentially painting a picture of a life they never lived.

Growing up as a kid in Eastlands, we had a poem about the unwanted guest, which this song is a clear and true rendition of that exact poem. Honestly I don’t know where Clemo gets his artists from but I must admit I am always entertained with the lines these cats come up with. K-Soja is hilarious, I mean how do you make a song about a “mgeni” (guest) and how they impose on you space. Pure genius. Enjoy this banger.

Clemo! the video is off the chains too, good quality – I can see Luche acquired a new camera eeh?

side note: Hii video ina kaa ni kama ime shutiwa Marish.. hio story ya kuweka njumu kwa window zi dry ime nimaliza… nime dedi. I dont know know how many guys noticed the things in the background. Mara kuna njumu imeshikilia odiro… ha ha ha ha Na hio blanketi ya bed. I cant explain vile umenipeleka ma throwback na hii video. Good one.

listen to siku kumi za mgeni here:


download the track here:

watch the video here:


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