Brand New: Juliani – Something More (GetMziki Exclusive ****)


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Musyoka has been hard at work lately considering his Shop – Decimal Media has quite abit of talent to work on, Musyoka produces for the whose who market in Kenya. Nikki, PUnit, Nameless, Klear Kut, Peter Miles, Ukoo Fulani the list would be too long to publish here. However he also works on exclusive deals such as this one – to my understanding he is working on Julianis album titled – Mtaa Mentality.

This track is the single off that album, although there have been other tracks flying around the airwaves and the internet. This here is the exclusive never heard before and only available (well for now – on GetMziki, which is why we put the Exclusive next to the track and our star rating system). Truthfully the first week I got the track I had to put it on heavy rotation and then let it chill for a few days. The reason I did this is to better understand where this GOSPEL music is going. I am increasingly getting disturbed. Its either I am having a hard time embracing this new genre or I am having a harder time accepting the fact that Gospel music can be funky.

Gospel music in Kenya to me seems to be a fad, I personally think its something new, something that seems to be generating some traction and revenue for a few people and therefore means many people can capitalize on this market. Honestly Ive never recieved or heard so much music in my life – Over the last 8 months I cant even remember the artists names. I mean just take a quick glance at Kenyan Gospel – And tell me what you think.

Anyway let me relax – This track is fire… Musyoka as usual doesn’t disappoint, but am so conflicted will I listen to this track in a club, with a heineken in my hand??? you know I compare these artists to the Kirk Franklin’s of the US… Although personally I adore and listen to the Marvin Sapp’s of this world, Marvin’s album is on heavy rotation on my ipod – but see Marvin Sapp is not anything you listen to and want to dance, its music you listen to and want to go to church… maybe am just a conflicted soul – 🙂 Enjoy the track here

This is Juliani’s New single…. ka exclusive! its in his new album – mtaa mentality.

listen to something more here:


download the track here:

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