Brand New: Nonini – Katha



Nonini has been hard at work on his third album, some of the classics have been shared on this blog, although majority of his work can be found and sampled at Nonini continues to remain relevant and continuously churning hits – This brand new track doesn’t even need me to say too much, its a banger and an instant hit. However there is a track I’ve been meaning to post which is the Intro to this album… So many people will sleep on this track because its a short sample of many things but I think it deserves its own post so I am doing a NONINI double up – I am posting that song too… Live live – Nonz might be upset (ataniua) but uwongo mbaya THAT ngoma is killer – The Intro to this album is FIRE… Wacha I post that ngoma…

This is however is Nonini’s brand new Katha.. Enjoy

listen to the Katha here:


download the track here:

watch the video here:


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