Nonini Album – The Intro (Haunijui) GetMziki Exclusive


This is the double up to the 3rd Nonini album. This is the intro to that album which will be coming out sometime in March. I am posting this song coz I have a general bias towards this track, I think this track should sit alone as number 2 or number 4 on the album. Nonini and team please put this track somewhere – this joint is a banger. I am not sure who is singing the hook but whoever it is ako na sauti.

Roddy called me out on this track so I had to made edits chap chap – Thanks Roddy

The realness of the lyrics and the mood this track puts you in is sick – Nonini has a way of saying things that I can relate to, things that are relevant and I think thats what makes him and his work special. Ill continue to salute your work so long as you keep churning out hit after hit… Big up.. Enjoy the track!

listen to Haunijui here:


download the track here:

Dont forget to check out NONINIMUSIC for more information and updates and exclusive videos of Nonini and his tours.


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