Brand New: U Gal – El Tezzy


I got some new fire before the year ended in 2008 – from Maich Black and some dude called El Tezzy. Truthfully I don’t have enough info about either of these artists but for some reason this song is a little infectious. Imenibamba kiplani. The whole Zouk feel and charismatic lyrics seems to be the winning formula.

Its funny that at Get Mziki one of the few things we have been saying is that any artists who wants to have some sort of longevity in the game will need to start singing… he he he hence the T-Pain, Kanye West, Puffy, and even Fifty now is singing on some tracks. We are not saying that hiphop is dead or going to die. We just feel that rap as an art form is going to be transformed in the short term with all these singing type artists. Kenya is no different – all the big artists right now seem to be singers or people who want to challenge their vocal capabilities.

Personally I think anyone who makes a song that people can dance to, definitely is onto something. To have good lyrical content just adds to the flavor. This song really doesn’t have any substance lyrically but I still like it none the less because its danceable and the Zouk thing is appealing to me.

Enjoy the Track by El Tezzy

listen to El Tezzy here:


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