Brand New: Walanguzi feat Mwafrika – Tuko Sawa


Damn its Friday again and we have such a back log of music to publish coz the inflow for the last two weeks has been massive. So what I will do is try to post all the Kenyan music today if I can – and then I will get to the Tanzanian and then Nigeri

an tunes. I also think posting the side B tracks for a change wont be such a bad thing, so the songs I will post today are songs that you wont necessarily hear on radio but they are killer hiphop tracks.

Lets start the day with Brand new music from Walanguzi featuring Mwafrika. Walanguzi are probably one of my favorite lyricist group in Kenya – they did the funky funny track – Crazy which was just hilarious but well delivered vocally. I also posted some hilarious shit called VASELINE a while back – hilarious hilarious. Anyway on this track Walanguzi bless the last few verses. But the first verse is Mwafrika who used to be a radio presenter in Kenya and also apparently was the number one rapper/rhymer in Kenya. Apparently they say that Mwafrika could see an item and make an entire freestyle from whats in front of him.

Am just cracking up at his first line on this track –

” Mi hu get credit, sihitaji kujidai kwa mic nimesha du styles mob kushinda dem wa Alan Muigai… na kuendana na mimi ni kitu haifai.. uzito wa rhymes zangu zime tosha wewe kuzirai”

I don’t think this is any diss to anyone but its just a crazy line – very few people will get the fact that DJ Styles and Alan Muigai is the same person, so the line is just killer – Anyway maybe its just me…

listen to tuko sawa here:


download the track here:


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