Choku feat Rat-a-tat : Vitu Na Like (Leo Faya Exclusive ***)


Am going to do my first post ever in SHENG, I apologize before hand to our relatively large East African Audience in the diaspora and in their respective countries. I just feel like I won’t or can’t do enough justice to this track if I try to overly explain how I feel about it in english. I also have to exercise my descretion by clearly stating that this song is old – relatively old, its been out for a while – BUT darn it vile na ifeel sijui.

I have a disease, there are some songs I like and I just like period and those songs may not be hits or anything spectacular but they tend to resonate well in my mind and heart. This is one classic example, I think this song barely got any rotation, however this song has been featuring in my Genge playlist for so long that the moment I watched the video, I decided I will sambaza the love. (ps. I just saw the video today, hence the reason for this post in the first place)

But I like this song because I used to be jazzed by the whole Chocu Rat A Tat and the late Lady S movement or crew. Hawa ni ma dem wa mtaa, you gotta appreciate ma dem wa mtaa. I think there is something exotic with a chile telling you ” Maze nina ku feel!!” Si unigee namba yako niku vutie waya ma time… ha ha ha lol. Hoodfiggaz are more fun that main stream chiles. Personally I am so turned on by a chile who can vibe sheng! its such an ice breaker – can you imagine going to a US mall and then your chile burst out into a statement like “Ma ma ma hebu cheki hizo burungo ziko on sale” I dont know maybe its just me but thats how I feel when I listen to this track.

Check out the dancing in the video attached below – beats any of the dances on that were on church hill live … ha ha Mo faya…

listen to vitu na like here:


download the track here:

watch the video here: (courtesy of


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