Brand New: Kama – Untitled Track (Teaser) GetMziki Preview


image courtesy of HipHop Colony

Kama of Kalamashaka is probably one of the more vocal artists in Kenya. He represents several movements and has been instrumental in mobilizing the youth for a variety of different causes. Conscious rap in Kenya was probably pioneered by people like Kama and the whole U Kay Double O – (UKOO) Fulani Mau Mau. There is always a discomfort with various people when it comes to listening or appreciating conscious rap in Kenya. Most people would rather listen to how some guy messed up some relationship, how people got drunk the night before, or worse how to get with women.

But when people like Kama start talking about the political climate in Kenya and start exposing some of the underlying truths – its been greatly shone away by critics and the youth in general. In the US people like KRS 1 and the whole Mos Def movement has broken to the main stream but its not necessarily commercialized. I mean very few people even know or realize that Dead Prez campaigned against Obama and how that affects the industry as a whole.

Anyway this is a leaked track from Mandugu Digital Studios (Ambrose). It’s still untitled as I got a snippet of it so I figured I should share. The reason I am posting this song is coz Mandugu is smoking some serious BHANGI!!! Anyone who thought we could pigeon hole Amby for the critically acclaimed Bounce beat was WRONG. This is a sampled beat – I could be wrong though coz it feels like I’ve heard it somewhere, but if Amby is behind this production I am totally stocked! so am posting this song to my music heads, Kenyanised, Roddy and crew – who spend equally as much time as I do listening to tracks and trying to decipher.

Is this a hit or miss and is that beat jacked or is this pure genius?

listen to Kama’s teaser track here:


Download the track here:


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