C.E.O (Chapter Entitled Outstanding)feat Swanballaz – Celebration



One of the few things I like and admire is consistency, currently I am keenly watching and following this group of youngstaz from Boston. They just dropped another heat that we are showcasing today. There is a lot of growth and formation in their music right now. Its sorta like its maturing and you can hear the songstress come strong with her vocals on this celebration of a track.

The sad thing about being an artist in the US is overtime life happens and folks always fall off the grid, I can count the number of artists we have showcased on GetMziki over the last few years and probably only two are still making music actively. So I hope C.E.O stay consistent and stay hungry.

Celebration is an African feel track which features “Swanballaz” of Nigeria, the track was produced by Giggz (Xtrim Records)

listen and download the track here:


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