Calvo Mistari feat HB & JahMani – Too Fine (GetMziki Exclusives ***)


I must admit out of all the various pictures I have of Calvo, this by far is one of the few I like lol. Mostly coz Kintu (Mista Prime) is in the picture. I can’t deny I miss that cat a lot. There a few people I miss in Kenya, Kintu just happens to be one of the few that I miss hanging out and basically seeing him DJ. But this post is not about Kintu its about Calvo Mistari of Lyricall Assassins.

Immediately I heard this track the first time, I knew I wanted one of our team members to make a remix of this track. So I asked for the 3 set (track, instrumental, vocals). I then sent this to our GetMziki production team – Waithaka & Festus not because anything was missing but because I felt the hook was just too good. The relationship we have enjoyed with Waithaka over the months has allowed us to get a better understanding of what type of work we want to deliver to the market today and as such any beat he gets from us he usually murders it. This one was no exception. (Stay tuned for an upcoming project/a remix of the mixtapes)

The crazy thing here is that the original track which is attached below as track 1 is also a banger, so a few days later after initiating this excersise am conflicted as to which version sounds better and delivers on the kick and snare promise. To make matters worse Festus also jumped on the challenge and put together a crazy remix to the same track…. this post is a festival for DJs so without further due please dig in below:

listen and download the versions here:

Calvo Mistari feat HB & JahMani – Too Fine by getmziki


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