K’Naan – Waving Flag (Official World Cup Song for 2010)



I just cannot believe that we first had K’Naan’s p

ost on GetMziki on February 2009 exactly one year ago (Click here for the post)

Now, we all know that the African Cup of nations just ended a couple of weeks ago and big up’s to Egypt for winning the cup. I’m a soccer fan and on that same breath I realized that I had not posted this track from K’Naan.

K’Naan’s track ‘Waving Flags” has been chosen as the official song of the 2010 soccer world cup in South Africa which is scheduled to start in June this year. I’m telling you that if you have not listened to K’Naan’s album you are missing out on good quality music. I know that with that song getting chosen as the official song of the world cup his “cheque” will look pretty good.

Various people have been remixing this song just to cash in on the world cup so I present 2 versions of the song.

On a side note what are Africa’s chances on the world cup in 2010. Soccer fans out there what u think????

Enjoy Waving flags

K’Naan – Waving Flag
[audio:http://getmziki.s3.amazonaws.com/K’ Naan _Wavin_ Flag .mp3]

K’Naan – Waving Flag (Free School Remix)
[audio:http://getmziki.s3.amazonaws.com/K-Nana_ Waving Flag (Free_School_Remix).mp3]

Download The Tracks:


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